noun, plural Change Creators
1. A person that courageously pursues a lifestyle of purpose and earns a living addressing our most pressing social or environmental problems.

The first video founder, Adam Force, made explaining why Change Creator started

Change Creator is a multimedia platform specializing in business for social good and empowering Change Creators around the world to make a living and difference.

There are many social and environmental challenges around the world and we can’t rely on government or corporations to solve them all. Social entrepreneurship is becoming a major force redefining the role business plays in the world.

Mission:  Change Creator’s mission is to invigorate the rebellious spirit in the social change leaders of tomorrow and empower them to be problem solvers who earn a meaningful living that moves humanity forward.

Vision: help millions of people become Change Creators


The first interactive digital magazine app for social entrepreneurs available on iTunes and Google Play. 

Why digital instead of print? The digital magazine is a responsible approach that avoids environmental strain and degradation. It allows for a deeper learning experience through the use of interactive video, interviews, slideshows and more. You can search the magazine, save your favorite parts or share them. Lastly, more people today have phones than toilets. Our whole library of magazines can be engaged anytime by anyone who has a mobile device.

When it comes to social entrepreneurship and driving impact with business, this is the magazine people turn to. 

  • Affordable: Free or for the price of a burger and a beer, we offer niche content and mentorship from the world’s leading impact entrepreneurs through our multimedia platform.
  • Highly Accessible: Available anytime, anywhere, on any device for easy access.
  • UniqueAccess the most current information on what it takes to become a social entrepreneur with a focus on making a living by helping to solve pressing social issues, such as; Global Income Equality, Global Job Creation, Better Access to Education, Clean Energy, Efficient Food Production and Air & Water Pollution.


Every Tuesday we release a new podcast that is available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher.

Our founder Adam G. Force interviews successful social and business entrepreneurs to uncover their secrets for success. There is no faster way to scale your impact then to learn from others! Build a business that becomes your lifestyle and aligns to your values while creating more impact and happiness.

Be a Change Creator!

Richard Branson

“If you get into entrepreneurship driven by profit, you are a lot more likely to fail. The entrepreneurs who succeed usually want to make a difference to people’s lives, not just their own bank balances. The desire to change things for the better is the motivation for taking risks and pursuing seemingly impossible business ideas.”