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How to Promote Your Brand with Engaging Storytelling

Facebook Twitter Google+ Buffer At the heart of effective brand building will always be engaging storytelling. Consumers will struggle to build affinity with a product or company, but a great story can help solidify certain qualities that the brand represents. Whether it is a commercial, a social media campaign, or a print advertisement, there are ways to use storytelling to convey a strong identity. up. Assuming you already have a business and product to offer, the following storytelling tips can be used to develop your brand. Think About Your Hook A good story will contain a hook that draws...

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How to Quickly Write an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Facebook Twitter Google+ Buffer All business owners should have a content marketing strategy to make sure they get the most out of their content. Those who have a written content marketing strategy are more likely to find content marketing effective for their businesses, have less content-related stress thanks to knowing what they will do and when they’ll do it, and have a clear idea of what their ROI is. To put it simply, if you don’t have a content marketing strategy, you’re writing in the dark. What holds most business owners back from writing a content marketing plan is...

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When a Startup Benefits from a Virtual Assistant

The typical startup must conserve financial resources. In other words, an entrepreneur launching a new business venture does not usually have money to recklessly toss about. This means you have to use your time wisely! At times, the need to spend money prudently seems to conflict with the necessity of building a team of competent people necessary to launch or get a startup to a new operational level. One alternative available to a startup is engaging the services of a virtual assistant to help with an array of activities and tasks. Indeed, there are a variety of benefits realized...

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