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Top 5 High-Value Conferences for the Social Entrepreneur

We’ve talked to hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and you know what they told us is one of the main keys to their success? Finding a mentor! Having a mentor can be the key to ultimate success, but how do you find that perfect mentor? Get away from your desk and attend a conference! That’s the key! Any modern day social entrepreneur making their way pursuing their mission needs help along the way. You’ve probably heard that you should get find a mentor if you want to expedite the process. Duh, right? That’s something we can probably all agree on....

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How to Find Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Social Enterprise

Looking for a way to make money — and a difference! Yes! That’s the beauty of being a social entrepreneur but where do you find these entrepreneurial ideas? Let’s explore! It can be excruciatingly tough to get a new business moving, especially if you’re thinking of doing something that will bring forth a positive change in a community. You first have to deal with the struggles within self on whether or not the society will take up your idea. After that comes the naysayers who will want you to focus on what they consider conventional. Let’s not even mention...

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